Course - Electirican

Brief description of Job roles: Electrician

Electrician, General installs, maintains and repairs electrical machinery equipment and fittings in factories, workshops power house, business and residential premises etc., Studies drawings and other specifications to determine electrical circuit, installation details, etc., Positions and installs electrical motors, transformers, switchgears, Switchboards, Microphones, loudspeakers and other electrical equipment, fittings and lighting fixtures. Makes connections and solders terminals. Test electrical installations and equipment and locates faults using megger, test lamps etc.

Repairs or replaces defective wiring, burnt out fuses and defective parts and keeps fittings and fixtures in working order. May do armature winding, draw wires and cables and do simple cable jointing. May operate, attend and maintain electrical motors, pumps etc.
These five domains of learning are
a. Process
b. Professional knowledge,
c. Professional skill
d. Core skill and
e. Responsibility

The training courses are run as per the syllabus designed by Directorate General of Employment & Training, Ministry of Labour & Employment (DGET)


ITI Electrician trade focuses on various aspects of electricity related work such as – wiring (residential, commercial and industrial), home appliances, electrical machines, lighting, electrical installations etc. The main aim of this trade is to provide vocational training to candidates and turn them into qualified electricians! The course thus aims at developing a skilled work-force of qualified electricians in India.

Electrician trade trains students in areas such as –

• Wiring (residential, commercial and industrial)
• Lighting installation (residential, commercial and outdoors)
• Power generation, distribution and transmission systems
• Insulators
• Earthing
• Capacitors and electrical circuits
• Batteries
• Working, servicing and repair of electrical appliances (motors, fans, pumps, home appliances, AC, fridge etc)
• Transformers
• AC/DC systems


ITI passed electricians have diverse job opportunities available in front of them. They have access to both private sector and government sector jobs. Besides that, self employment is another opportunity available in front of them.

Some of the well known private sector recruiters are –

• MNCs (electrician)
• Power production and transmission companies
• Electrical equipment manufacturing firms
• Electrical appliance manufacturing firms
• Refineries
• Industries that use electrical machine

Some of the well known government sector recruiters are –

• State-wise electricity boards
• PWDs
• Municipal Corporations
• Armed Forces
• PSUs

In the above mentioned work setups, ITI electrical trade passed students may don the following roles –

• Electrician
• Wire man
• Lineman
• Supervisor
• Technician
• Repair expert

Self-employment opportunities include –

Starting own electrical repair shop
Starting own electrical goods store
Becoming a contractor
Being self-employed by offering one’s service to people